Dear Readers of our Website

Thank you for your interest in our Department. The reason for the operation of the Website is to provide information to the interested parties, related to the mission and staffing of our Department, as well as to the educational and research activity of its members. On the Website there is information that will facilitate the students during the years of their studies, such as the study guide, the books, the mobility ERASMUS as well as all the information about the Postgraduate Programs of the Department.

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Management and Natural Resources of the School of Agriculture and Forestry of the Democritus University of Thrace, based in Orestiada, began operating in the academic year 1999-2000 with the introduction of the first students. It receives an average of 150 students per year.

Our students attend a 5-year study program, which upon completion leads to the award of a Single and Unbroken Master’s Degree (Integrated Master) in the specialty of Forester (Government Gazette 4268 27-09-2018 vol. B ‘). The Forests, the land ecosystems, and the natural environment provide a variety of products and services, and studies in this field can provide our graduates with the satisfaction of pursuing interesting subjects in Forestry. Studies in the Department make our graduates able to study, research, understand and apply modern methods for the development, improvement, protection and management of forests and forest areas and the natural environment. Our Department provides the opportunity for postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral studies.

Faculty members are active in Forest Research with participation and coordination in numerous research and development programs, in collaboration with Universities and Research Centers at home and abroad. They also organize scientific conferences and workshops on research topics. Funding for these activities is provided by National and European agencies. The members of the Department cooperate with the Forest Service, with Management Bodies and other State and Private Bodies, providing special advice and opinions.

The updating of the Curriculum and the improvement of the teaching staff and the building and research infrastructure is a constant concern of the Department.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find the information you are looking for.

The president
Professor Kalliopi Radoglou