The Department of Forestry and Management of Environment and Natural Resources at DUTH has signed and maintains active collaborations under the Erasmus Program with the following foreign Universities:

University Website Duration Of the Bilateral Agreement Number of Undergraduate Students Number of Graduate Students Number of PhD students Duration

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Erasmus+ Academic Coordinator: Anastasia Paschalidou, Assistant Professor, Email:

Contact the International Relations Office at DUTH

In order for a student at the undergraduate level to have the right to apply, he/she must:

  1. a) Have been successfully examined in all courses of the first year of study of the Department
  2. b) Have sufficient certified knowledge of a foreign language preferably the host country

In case there is no candidate with sufficient certified knowledge of the foreign language of the host institution, the candidate with the best proficiency in English will be selected.

If more than one candidate has the same level of foreign language proficiency, the candidate with the best average score in the respective courses of the host institution will be selected.