ID Course Number Course Teacher Room Day Time Credits Prerequisites
ΔΣΔΕ2 Farm Fishing ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΣΤΕ9 Hydro-informatics ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΙΕ2 Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΙΕ4 Measurements and Classification of Unprocessed Timber ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΖΕ10 Environmental Remote Sensing – Digital Images Processing ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ11 Management of non-Timber Forest Functions ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΖΕ11 Spatial Planning and Regional Development ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΖΕ12 Wetlands Management and Protection ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΖ5Υ Forest Economics ECTS 5 Mandatory
ΔΣΖ8Υ Mountainous Water Management and Control ECTS 5 Mandatory
ΔΣΖ3Υ Forest Management I ECTS 6 Mandatory
ΔΣΖ4Υ Forest Products Harvesting ECTS 5 Mandatory
ΔΣΖ7Υ Geographic Environmental Information Systems ECTS 5 Mandatory