ID Course Number Course Teacher Room Day Time Credits Prerequisites
ΔΣΕΕ1 Energy and Environment ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΒΕ3 Building Science and Structural Materials ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΕΕ10 International Environmental Relations ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΕΕ6 Water Resources Management ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΖΕ9 Enemies of Trees & Shrubs in the Urban Environment ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΒΕ8 Forest Informatics ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΕ4Υ Wood Structure and Properties ECTS 5 Mandatory
ΔΣΕ10Υ Forest Genetics and Protection of Forest Resources ECTS 5 Mandatory
ΔΣΒ6Υ Freshwater Fish Farming ECTS 4 Mandatory