ID Course Number Course Teacher Room Day Time Credits Prerequisites
ΔΣΓΕ5 Waste Management and Recycling ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ13 Chemical and Biological Control of Diseases and Insects ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ16 Rangeland Development Systems ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ17 Digital Geo-spatial Analysis and Natural Resources Mapping ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ6 Forest Industries ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΘΕ10 Applied Forest Management ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ18 Environmental Physics - Air Pollution ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ19 Hydro-meteorological Disaster Management ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ20 Forest Valuation and Accounting ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗΕ21 Principles of Edible Fungus Utilization ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΗ3Υ Wood Technology ECTS 3 Mandatory
ΔΣΗ4Υ Forest Management II ECTS 4 Mandatory
ΔΣΗ8Υ Climate Change ECTS 3 Mandatory
ΔΣΗ10Υ Environmental Policy and Decision Making ECTS 4 Mandatory
ΔΣΘ5Υ Investments and Forest Resources Development ECTS 4 Mandatory
ΔΣΗ12Υ Traineeship in the Forest Village (Elatia, Dramas) ECTS 3 Mandatory
ΔΣΗ11Υ Traineeship in Forestry Agencies ECTS 2 Mandatory