ID Course Number Course Teacher Room Day Time Credits Prerequisites
ΔΣΔΕ3 Forest Soil Fertility ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΔΕ6 Didactics of Environmental Science ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΓΕ10 Public relations and envrionemntal crisis management ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΔΕ13 Forest Phytosociology and Phytogeography ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΔΕ14 Wildlife Biology ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΑΕ7 Forest Ergonomics ECTS 2 Elective
ΔΣΔ1Υ Forest Botany II ECTS 6 Mandatory
ΔΣΔ9Υ Forest Entomology and Zoology ECTS 4 Mandatory
ΔΣΔ11Υ Digital Design of Forest Road Construction - Forest Engineering ECTS 6 Mandatory